Jason Greene is a cinematographer, photographer and documentary filmmaker interested in social issues and the collaborative nature of filmmaking. Most recently, he was the Director of Photography for the film “55 Days,” about a war widow learning to let go of her loss. He is currently a master's candidate in Multimedia, Photography and Design at Syracuse University, and a Co-Founder of Haptic Cinema. He has worked for several clients on documentary branded content, such as The March of Dimes, NPPA, KaBOOM, Heroes Will Rise and City Woods, and photographed for clients such as The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, The Orlando Weekly, Reuters and The Department of Labor. His work has been recognized by CPOY, NYT Lens Blog Review, Eddie Adams XXIII, The Addy’s and NPPA. He previously held the position, Multimedia Specialist, at the University of Central Florida. At UCF he was responsible for still and story-driven short films for ucf.edu, UCF Today, and Pegasus Magazine. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Photography from the University of Central Florida and the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies. He is particularly passionate about the storytelling nature of cinematic visuals and strives to make those visual lyrical, honest and powerful.